Tree of Life

By Martin Falatic
Written 2010-07-30 03:00
Revised 2010-08-03

Taste and savor this proffered fruit
Succulent and full of chaos
The foodstuff of distant gods

Descend from that mindful zenith
The lofty, cluttered seat of wisdom
Where thoughts surge and collide and grow

See with the unblinking, tearless eye
A world in relief, its secrets laid bare
All possible paths limned in moonlight

Breathe in, breathe out
Breathe out, breathe in
Lips parted and near, sharing their bounty

Feel the steady, urgent beat
Warmth grows as blood flows
Deeper and stronger by degrees

Inner tensions flutter and fade
Longing, hoping, aching
Fear and trust commingled

Down the spine, below the line
Sweat falls freely, then pools
Lovers’ caresses become grasps

At the nadir, the fixtures of desire
Fevered engines of apotheosis
Find their true proportions

A descent into darkness
Seeking the light within and without
Seeking transcendence

Quickening now, the Self is cast adrift
Time is frozen at the penultimate moment
Beyond meaning, direction or purpose

Desire without possession – sated
Love without regret – requited
Thought without reason – Nirvana

Transformation, exclamations
Language forgotten, sublimated
Sounds primal and motions furious

Plummeting now, enraptured,
Towards a sun of shared designs
Blazing unseen across the midnight sky

Amid mindless, driven passion
Exquisite frissons feed back, amplified
Unbearable tremors of delicious surrender

A thunderbolt splays across these chords
Bridging heaven and earth, wisdom and desire
Denouement and resurrection merged as one

– = – = – = – = – = – = –

The fallen ascend as these steps are retraced,
Yearning to taste of this fragment of Paradise
And in enlightenment, to fall anew…

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