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Marty’s Paradox is brought to you by Martin Falatic


Hi there!  Glad to make your acquaintance! A brief history of me, in resume order:

  • Ideal growth conditions: Somewhere in the mountains of the Upper Northwest perhaps… somewhere without fire ants, earthquakes or hurricanes.  Tornadoes I can live with… thunderstorms I love, snow is beautiful, and a full dose of each season is best.
  • Habitat and range: San Francisco, California
  • Sustenance and foraging: I’m currently working as a software engineer
  • Early adulthood: I went to Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana and managed to somehow end up with two degrees:
  • Adolescence: I grew up in the town of Gary, Indiana
  • Birth: early 1970 in the middle of a snowstorm.  Well, not out in the snow per se… it was in a hospital.  A warm hospital.  With comfy chairs and all that.  But I still had to cry about it.
  • Gestation: around the critical 3 month juncture, I may have heard the news as the first men walked on the moon (in a rather muffled way), thus sparking a lifelong fascination with science. Or perhaps that simply explains my lifelong fascination with the mysterious muted phrase, “Hoofson, der Beagle vas banded!”

LICENSE AND DISCLAIMER: All creative materials here authored by myself are copyrighted but may be distributed freely without modification and with proper attribution.  No other publication is allowed without my written approval, except for short excerpts in critical reviews. If you see something here you like, let me know.  I just mean to protect my rights as an author. All opinions expressed are mine and mine alone and are independent of my employer.

CONTACT: You can contact me personally using the form below: