By Martin Falatic
Written 1999-01-10
Revised 1999-01-10

I pull the blanket tight against my chin,
Holding the wintry chill at bay.
Drifting between sense and sleep,
Thoughts fill my mind and take flight…

A wisp of your perfume kindles my spirit,
Bringing with it the memories we share.
The soft touch of your kisses, the warmth of our embrace,
A passion wrought under candles’ flickering light.

I remember those words,
So fragile and new,
Whispered, at once awkward and tender,
As we held each other thought the night.

– – – – –

Falling asleep, In my thoughts you are near,
Under quieting gray winter skies,
As the words we have whispered, enchantments so dear,
Escape in a hope-laden sigh.

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