My Friend at the End of the Path

By Martin Falatic
Written 2013-10-08 17:00
Revised 2013-10-08

I watch your tears fall, salty and warm on your face
Though I cannot cry like you I understand and gently kiss them away

I don’t blame: I relished our time together, through thick and thin
Times of joy and worry and heartache and hope
You smile and laugh as the Little One runs free, as I once did

I don’t regret: I watch thoughtfully as they gallop and play,
Enjoying the toys, enjoying the smiles, enjoying our company
I know my long walks and playful romps here are in the past now

My eyes have dimmed, and my hearing is dulled, but I remember…
I chase and hunt in dreams now, my friend watching in the distance,
Waiting patiently for me to follow, waiting to be together again

And now, as you gather close, I rally enough to look you in the eyes
Knowing that soon I will be unbound from this pain and infirmity,
Knowing that soon I will also run free again

I would be happier still if your eyes were as mine
Soft and understanding, seeing what I see in the distance
For I have no tears – only good wishes for you

And would that your voices be filled with happy memories,
Not lamentations and heartache, not grief and impotent rage,
For we are beyond all that now

And so I am eager to rejoin my friend, waiting for me
As he did in life, and in my dreams of grass and sunlight
We will be reunited at the end of this path
And together we will gambol as we explore the next…

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