Before the Beginning

By Martin Falatic
Written 2003-08-05
Revised 2003-08-05

What sort of souls do we hope to meet?
Which oft bring us skipping on happier feet?

What sort of questions do careful hearts ask,
Before the beginning, that true love might last?

Will they be there when times are hard,
When troubles come from near or afar?

Will they stay with you through it all?
Will they catch you when you fall?

Will they listen and will they speak,
Without reserve, when interests are piqued?

Will they argue, will they differ,
Yet let the bonds grow even stiffer?

Will they be trusted?
Will they trust?
Will they be there when all is but dust?

What will they give?
What will they take?
What will they cradle, and what will they break?

Will they learn what they’ve been taught?
Will they believe in what they’ve wrought?

Will they watch as you walk away,
Setting out for another day?

Will they be there when work runs late,
To greet with a kiss their sleepy-eyed mate?

Will they be steadfast, will they be true?
Will they share their secrets with you?

Will they meet yours with the same depth of love?
Will they be, at times, all the above….?

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