By Martin Falatic
Written 2002-07-31
Revised 2002-07-31

This is the life you can never live
The fantasy world not ours to give
A place of enchantments and derring-do
Where fairies alight on the morning dew,

Swashbuckling heroes do dangerous things,
For fair young maidens and magical rings
Beyond black or white, and right or wrong,
Enlightenment colors the minds of the strong,

There is no such world for mortals to find,
There is no escaping the shackles of Time
For the Real is here, the learned attest,
Derisive the sneers at such folly and jest

Deep in your heart, blind faith you do keep,
For a world unlike now is that which you seek
It's folly for most, doing work-a-day things,
Never stopping to ponder more marvelous things

It is for the children, not schooled yet wise,
It is for the old, who've forgotten these lies
A world where the cynic will not cast his eyes,
It exists all around us...
        A world in disguise.

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