By Martin Falatic
Written 2002-06-18
Revised 2002-06-18

We live in an era of media that can in moments flood our senses. A radio plays in the background as we hum a different tune, phones can reach out and touch us wherever we may be. Point and click to see a gamut of art, from the Old Masters to the base and forgettable. Turn on the TV and see five different virtual newscast condensed into one frame. Or tune out and watch cartoons interspersed with long stretches of commercial propaganda.

We’re thrown into this pool stripped of precedent: mighty industries morph or are ground to dust under the new paradigm, and this is only the cool wind before the storm. Is there a saturation point for the mind, where we become mired in the mundane to such a depth that we forget to breathe? Are we thus pacified?

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