To Hope

By Martin Falatic
Written 1999-01-10
Revised 1999-01-10

As the unbridled hope of day
Gives way to quiet fear in slumber,
The heart that dares to hope,
Entertains the caution of the soul.

At night these dreams awaken,
Revealing the soul’s darkest fears
Stirring the mind with unpleasant thoughts
Filling the heart with dread.

Secret fears play upon the mind
Like long shadows in candlelight.
Twisted and sinister by design,
Hollow echoes from a painful past.

Such dreams foretell not the future
Nor unveil hidden agenda.
Rather, they tell a tale of what was,
A history of a war-torn soul.

The echoes sometimes linger,
Giving the day a certain sad mien.
But a knowing kiss from a lover’s lips,
Reminds the heart of hope and all it brings.

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