It Is…

By Martin Falatic
Written 1999-02-11
Revised 1999-02-11

It is so easy to fear the unpredictable
The unexpected moment where peril lay waiting
As the foundation crumbles silently underfoot

It is so easy to hold tightly to dreams
Musings of the heart kept safe and protected
While the walls tremble in the wind

It is so easy to speak of trust
Paying lip service to a wish, homage in anxiety,
While the mind sinks into faithless despair

It is so easy to love
It is so easy to forgive
It is so easy to forget...

It is so easy to lose
When in waiting to give everything
The past is repeated
The present is sacrificed
The future is forsaken

It is so easy to love
It is so hard to learn
It is so needful to hope
It is so useless to fear

It is
        who we are
It is
        who we love
It is
        who we become

It is everything
And, it is nothing
For it is simply
        the quiet song of the soul

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