By Martin Falatic
Written 1998-11-02
Revised 1998-11-02, 2010-08-04

Eyes open for a moment, then shut tight against the night.
A sleepless heart wishing the darkness into day,
As Time stubbornly refuses to yield.
It's all different
It's all the same.
Such thoughts of the heart twist and turn under a moonless sky.
An empty soul, lost in itself.

Where does the road first fork away from Destiny, into Chaos?
When do dreams of tomorrow become distant memories?

Time twists a fraction.
Two hearts join as one in that blinding moment.
Too young; too old.
Too soon; too late.
They part.
And Time twists again.


        and again,

            and again... 

Destiny achieved and then abandoned.
The chaos of lost souls struggling for redemption,
Destroying that which would receive them.

Sleep descends upon the Wanderer,
The heart having whispered its hopeless litany.
A futile prayer, to be forgotten by morning,
Replaced by the clutter and noise of the day.


Somewhere still deeper, there stirs a shy voice in the Sleeper,
Intoning these words,
Remembering for a heart that cannot bear to hope again.
Weaving dreams out of shadows,
Rebuilding Destiny out of Chaos.

So that Time may twist once more...

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