Words Unspoken

By Martin Falatic
Written 1997-03-13
Revised 1997-03-19, 2010-08-04

I speak to you,
choosing my words with uncommon care,
     wondering aloud at numerous things,
          some trivialities,
          some questions sublime and nonchalant,
Then pause uncomfortably...
The heart speaks volumes to fill those moments,
     as words are stalled
          breaking from within
I calculate in silence
     ponder the depths uncharted
          the risks not taken
          the words unspoken
These thoughts that are born of wants and needs,
     of hopes and desires,
          of that which is yet to be.
Who knows?
In reaching across the silence of that moment,
     do our hearts touch so tentatively
          as our actions would report?
Do they retreat so quickly at the first sign of apprehension,
     or do they already embrace?
Waiting for the words unspoken
     to catch up to the truths within...

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