By Martin Falatic
Written 1997-03-10
Revised 1997-03-19, 2010-08-04

Nude forms awash in moonlight,
The lovers’ warm embrace,
A hunger in her starlit eyes,
Hot breath upon his face.
No link to bridge the silence,
No love to risk be failed,
All romance lost in fervent lust,
No hope in their travails.
A hint of lilac on the wind,
One haunted morning’s eve,
Did waken in his lonely soul
A new-found destiny.
He ventured over land and sea
To find the One he sought,
But never did he find a friend
Who shared his earnest thoughts.
He begged the stars for Reasons,
Met only ancient dust,
For all the pain within our souls,
Turns slowly into rust.
I know not when or where or how
That quest will find an end.
Or if such hope is all for naught:
An empty life to spend.

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