By Martin Falatic
Written 1994-09-29
Revised 1994-09-29

He whiled the days away;
          weeks, months and years in contemplation of Life...
A voyager, lost, in a world uncaring.

The rain fell upon his face in the spring,
In the summer, warm winds smoothed his hair.
Autumn embraced him in cool contemplation,
while Winter's icy touch brought a smile to his face.

Though so much was experienced, he felt little,
          Insulated as he was from the world,
For he knew he was mortal, finite; this deeply troubled him.
Those many years, spent in a search for the meaning of it all.

One night he awoke from dreams filled with answers, more questions,
But most of all, a certain hope, a direction to try.
Like everyone, he was still lost in some way,
          But now, at least, the road was a little less dim.

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