The Fear Within

By Martin Falatic
Written 1992-02-27 18:37
Revised 1994-12-16, 1997-03-19

I awaken suddenly, draped in sweat.
My startled cry pierces the darkness,
yet I hear no answer.
The soft sighing of her breath, so gentle,
I cannot sense.
A strange, howling wind fills the room.
an inhuman moan
the sound of death in approach.
Dark clouds fill a purple sky laced with lightning.
The blackness seems to fill my very soul —
palpable, almost alive with evil intent…
I turn to wake her, to save her from the tempest
But she is gone!
I feel the place where she slept, but find nothing.
I scream her name, defying the wind’s increasing roar!
No answer comes.
I try to flee the room, yet I cannot move.
Helpless, defeated, alone, I lay my head in my hands.
Where has she gone? What have I done?
Memories of loves lost fill my mind.
As hope drains from my spirit, a new sound is born.
From the depths of my soul comes a wail,
a sob pitiful and desperate.
* * * * *
The murky darkness fades to nothingness.
For a moment, I feel empty…
no anger, no sadness, no loss.
I struggle to open my eyes, but I cannot see.
The tears flow in little streams, clouding my sight.
For an instant, I feel something touch my face,
I reach up, and feel her soft, comforting hand,
I open my eyes,
now clear of the bitter tears that washed over them.
I see her face framed in pale moonlight,
She looks at me with thoughtful eyes…
Our lips meet, and we kiss long and deep.
“I will never leave you,” she says,
And I know my fears, so torturous in my dreams,
are nothing in the face of our love.

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