Forever and Always…

By Martin Falatic
Written 1992-02-28 00:45
Revised 1997-03-19

I looked into her eyes tonight,
the veil of doubt parted for a moment.
Her eyes say so much.
I could swim in their depths for a lifetime
— ten lifetimes! —
and never tire.
In the short time I’ve known her,
I’ve seen in them wonder and delight,
sadness and pain
Yet I know that should a single tear fall from those eyes,
I will be there with her, in body or in spirit,
to bring comfort to her soul.
She looks back, a smile tugging at her lips.
What is she thinking?
I try to hold the moment, but it is gone,
shifting with her gaze.
I watch her face, trying to read her thoughts.
Even in her nuances, she tells more than words could ever say.
I reach out and touch her face, feeling its warmth.
It is times like this I want to say something —
anything! — to tell her of my feelings,
Yet I stay my tongue,
knowing that all that we want to say is understood.
She turns to me, and greets my lips with a kiss.
I return it, more deeply than before,
as if by touch alone we convey the feelings within us.
She reaches for my hand, and as we kiss,
our fingers begin a slow, silent dance together.
They intertwine, touch, and stroke one another,
a sign language that only we understand.
After some long time we end the kiss,
I look at her, and our eyes meet.
I think about us, two lovers finding hope…
Within those eyes I see forever,
two hearts that have reborn.

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